All Computer Service's / Virus / Upgrade / Software / Performance / Mac's - Apple

JarekBiz will fix your all Pc or Mac problem's no matter what it is. Overheating, slow boot up or even freezing does that sound's familiar? I am sure it is, any questions or concern please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will not charge you for questions. Every employee is Apple and Microsoft Certified.


           Building custom computers / Help with purchase

Did you know all custom computers are covered with manufacture warranty which usually is more than 4 years or even some part's life time warranty? HP, Dell, Compaq just named few are making tone of money on warranty sell, they making you purchase extra warranty, in order to cover their own product, all part's including hard drive, cpu, graphic card, or even sound cards are made by different companies, each of them provides warranty, computer companies are charging you extra for their name brand logo on their tower's, and by selling you warranty, making more money. Custom build computers are usually 40% cheaper than computers sold in store or on website. Give us a call or send us e-mail, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, regarding your new purchase. We also sell laptops and full line of electronics including TV's and home entertainment system at the manufacture price.


             Home Entertainment ( TV DVD Sound )

We will help you set up / purchase / repair your new entertainment system no matter where you brought it from. We know shopping for new electronics might be difficult this days, with a whole range of price's, feature's, expensive add-on's and unnecessary accessories. DFWComp tech will sit down with you and analyze every option that will fit your needs and budget.


                   Internet wherever you go

Did you ever dream having internet with you wherever you go? Now you can with so many options out there, we will help you to choose the best one, help you install and optimize so every internet capable device will be connected in the same time, even in your car.


         iPhone / iPad / Mp3 player's / upgrades and trick's

There is many toys out there for big and small kid's, we can show you tricks and application that will help you customize your busy lifestyle. Cracked or broken iPhone it’s no problem. For businesses we can provide support with setting up corporate e-mail accounts and intra networks and much more.


           Home / Business - networking (wire/wireless)

Installation of Home and Office network's. One internet, multiple computers connected in the same time. Development and expansion of networking that will fit your needs at home or office. Wireless access of your home files from office.


               Phone Service's - Home / Office

Installation of Home and Office telephone system's. Unlimited calling worldwide under 40$. IP Phone systems for businesses and corporations.


Security Cameras - Commercial / Home / Nanny Cameras / Bullet Proof

JarekBiz is the leader when it comes to installation of wide variety of security cameras. With years of experience we always met our customer expectations bullet proof, night vision, auto motion just to name few. Do you always wonder if your baby sitter doing the right thing with your baby, you don’t have to guess any more, you will know. Cameras hidden in the clocks, walls or even toys will show you exactly what your baby is doing no matter where you are.


  Printer's / Fax's / Paper less billing / Data Base / File Management

Installation of wireless, wired, Bluetooth printers and office equipment. We will help you to choose the right equipment for the right price. JarekBiz is now offering Data Base management system’s all the way from file management to offsite backup of your files. (all your data is being secured away from your business or home it’s even insured from tornados and flood’s. we will pick it up and drop it on scheduled days. )


  Network and system Administration / Fixed and pay per use service plans

JarekBiz has support plan’s that will fit your company and your needs. Pay per use – if something break’s you give us a call or submit email with work order, we will charge at the end when everything is fixed.

Some business like auto insurance offices or doctor’s offices required us to be there more frequently. In order to fulfill client’s needs and to safe money we offer fixed monthly rates. (Daily / Weekly / Monthly)


                Web Site Design / Email servers

JarekBiz since 1999 designed more than 1000 sites. Store, blog or even advertisement of your own company, there is nothing better in 21st century than a great web site, access to customers via internet. Internet is growing every day, and you should grow with it if you want to keep up with today’s technology and competition.

We also offer great email services for businesses, offices or homes.  ( )


              Unlimited Onsite Support Home / Office

We mention above that we do offer pay per use and unlimited home or office support. No matter what it is we will fix. We don’t charge per hour, we charge per incident. It wouldn’t be fair for some customers to be charged per hour, each computer is different or might be even slower to load information or even to completely diagnosed and fix the issue. That’s why our techs will take their time and fix the issue ones and for all, one customer at the time.

When it comes to business and their choices, they do choose unlimited and scheduled plans. JarekBiz tech will show up in your business on schedule and perform the maintenance and increase the performance of the pc after long week of use, if any problems will be found while performing maintenance duties they will be reported and fix the same day, this way your business will never slow down because of computer issues.


Business Tune-up / Expansion of your Business / Recommendation's and Customization's

JarekBiz knows what are the minimums and best recommendation to achieve everyday computing at its best at your home or business. Our trained stuff will guide you step by step in order to expend your business, and keep the cost low.


Learn With us / Classes in your Home / Training in groups or one on one

There is no better way to learn technology then with JarekBiz technical staff. Jarebiz will teach you step by step, hands on how to use your computer, performing basic tasks that will keep your pc healthy and virus free. We also help you learn and gain technical skills that will help you achieve your everyday goals at home or work.


File Recovery                       File Recovery

There is nothing worse than losing something important to you.  Baby’s first birthday pictures or even music that you love. Virus, spyware or even computer failure can destroy your files, and you might lose them forever. JarekBiz will help you to recover your memories, work and important files. Our techs also have technologies and hardware to prevent data loose. So please don’t hesitate and contact us.